PhD in Education and Children's Literature.

Researcher in History and Theory of Children's Literature at the Department of Philosophy,
Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology (FISPPA) at the University of Padua (Italy).

She teaches Children’s Literature as part of the degree course in Education Sciences
at Padova University, and at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan.

She has lectured as a visiting professor at several prestigious European universities
and been an invited speaker at numerous international conferences.

In 2013, hosted the Ninth Annual International Conference on The Child and the Book network
and in 2017 she was appointed to organize the 6th International Conference
of the European Network of Picturebook Research.

She is member of the Advisory Board and the Steering Commitee of the
European Network for Picturebook Research and of the Child and the Book network.
She is active member of the International Research Society for Children’s Literature.
She is also been invited by the executive board to participate in
the Awards Committee of the IRSCL, to evaluate academic publications
on children’s literature in Italian as potential nominees for the IRSCL book award
and by another executive board to become a mentor in the IRSCL mentoring program,
which is to advise junior colleagues on matters such as academic publishing and grant applications.
She has translated the IRSCL’s Statement of Principles into Italian, and has supported its dissemination
in the various languages of our society by reading it on video, on the IRSCL youtube channel

Some of her most recent publications include:
with Marco Dallari, Incanto e racconto nel labirinto delle figure. Albi illustrati e relazione educative
[Enchantment and Stories in the Maze of Pictures. Picturebooks and Education], Erickson, 2013;
Le terre della fantasia. Leggere la letteratura per l’infanzia e l’adolescenza
[Fantasy lands. Reading Children's Literature], Donzelli, 2014;
‘These Books Made Me Really Curious’: How Visual Explorations Shape the Young Readers’ Taste,
in J. Evans (ed.), Challenging and Controversial Picturebooks, Routledge, 2015;
La Grande Guerra raccontata ai ragazzi [Telling Children about the Great War], Donzelli 2015;
Il cacciatore di pieghe. Figure e tendenze della letteratura per l’infanzia contemporanea
[New directions in contemporary children's literature], Pensa Multimedia 2017;
Bruno Munari's visual mapping of the city of Milan: A historical analysis
of the picturebook Nella nebbia di Milano, in N. Goga and B. Kümmerling-Meibauer (eds.),
Maps and Mapping in Children's literature. Landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes, John Benjamins, 2017.
Marnie Campagnaro
Dipartimento FISPPA
Università di Padova
Via Beato Pellegrino, 28
35137 PADOVA - Italy